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What are your specific predictions for the next season based on these questions? : Gunners

Copying the idea from this excellent article by Gunner Town where they asked their readers specific questions about the predictions for the next season. I think it will be interesting to see what people here would predict for the coming season.

  1. It’s May 2021. Season is over. Which position did Saka play in more than any other?

  2. Who are you most excited about?

  3. Which formation will we deploy as our default? Second choice?

  4. What will be our most common line up?

  5. What are you most excited about?

  6. Who will have the most assists?

  7. Which month was our best?

  8. Our biggest on field improvement was?

  9. Surprise of the season?

  10. How far do we go in the Europa League, FA Cup and Carabao Cup?

  11. Does any of our squad make it into England’s Euro squad?

  12. There is always a turning point in a season. What’s yours?

  13. There is always a scandal. What’s our biggest scandal?

  14. Who is our squad scores goals in double figures? And who?

  15. How many goals do we get from central midfield?

  16. How many games do Gabriel and Saliba start together in the league? Overall?

Edit: Feel free to speculate about transfers if some questions can’t be properly answered without knowing full transfer activity.

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