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Why Arsenal’s lack of creativity & attacking play is more of an issue than their defence. & Why our creativity & attack has to be a priority if we’re going to get back to the top. (Analysis by @Halfspace_Queen) : Gunners

I can’t agree with this. All the defensive errors and brainfarts these guys have had are far more important to deal with then doing the ‘arsenal’ thing and buying more midfielders.

For the better part of a decade, we’ve had good midfields and have nothing but FA Cups to show for it – and we could get one of those next week.

I agree our midfield is a problem, but we’re not sound at the back. You build a team from the back line forward. Moreover, this idea of having a #10 is largely antiquated. We’re loaded on attackers now, and players like Saka have some creativity. We can have creative wingers and as long as you have a guy playing the 8 with high creativity I think we’d be OK.

The problem is Xhaka has never been athletic enough for the pace of this league – and he’s been the foundation of the midfield.

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