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WTF didnt Even get the VAR on this one : Gunners

Honestly, the blatant bias against us this season is disgusting and I’m tired of doing nothing ( he says with no further plan).

We must have had the most points nicked from us and I can’t even remember any decisions that went in our favour. VAR checks for us feel more like, “what rule can we bend to screw Arsenal over” and the decisions which should go our way do not even get checked. It feels as though we literally get away with nothing at all which is fine if it was the same for the other teams.

And for those that always say, “…Well Arsenal should have done more…”. Look at what happened to the Champions, Liverpool vs Burnley when they got screwed at home over the weekend. The fact is, teams should do better but it’s incredibly disheartening when they are trying and the refs are blatantly against you.

They are using VAR as a tool to further their bias and affect results.

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