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Samuel Umtiti just another name in the hat

Arsenal’s defense will likely see a fresh injection this summer, so adding Samuel Umtiti to the list is just one more name to consider a solution.

Arsenal‘s defense is a breeding ground of excitement right now. But for a whole new reason than we’ve experienced in quite some time. Perhaps ever. Mikel Arteta has brought a brand new defensive approach to the club and the outlook has completely changed.

Where there was once wreckage, we now have new life. But all of that new life could be sold this summer to make way for more sustainable life. Which just means that all the excitement we are currently feeling towards the current defense would multiply when applied to younger, more touted defenders.

Not wanting to be left out of the revolution, Samuel Umtiti has joined the chatter yet again. This time it’s being pitched as a charity case, “Barcelona offering Umtiti to help Arsenal raise money.” Not really sure what that means, but hey, I’ll take Umtiti and drop him into the hat with everyone else.

Everyone else that I would love to have on this defense.

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As it stands, there are three big names on that “who should be our big-name defender purchase of the summer” list. Or rather, in that hat.

Those three names are Dayot Upamecano, Jonathan Tah, and Samuel Umtiti. All just approaching their prime, all proven on a big stage, all athletic as can be and all the perfect fit for an Arteta defense that is built on sustainable physiques and intelligence on the ball.

Draw any of their names out of that hat and I’d be happy with it. I don’t care which one. And if you want to start talking about two, I’ll likely faint. We don’t need two though, not really. Go nab one of those guys, slip him in next to William Saliba or Calum Chambers, grab a cheaper project type and call it a day. If you’re feeling saucy, hang on to Pablo Mari, David Luiz or Shkodran Mustafi. But just one, not all three.

Max two. But please just one.

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I would take Umtiti any day of the week. So would you. There’s little point debating who you’d rather have between Umtiti, Tah, and Upamecano because the simple truth is they’re all an upgrade. They would all walk into the starting XI as is and make this defense better than it already is.

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