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3 improvements Granit Xhaka must make to continue progress

Arsenal, Granit Xhaka (Photo by Chloe Knott – Danehouse/Getty Images)

Arsenal continues to build around Granit Xhaka and he continues to grow, but here are three improvements he must make to continue that growth.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been doing this little series during the pause about what certain players need to improve on as they continue their career at Arsenal. For each player, there are always plenty of things to pick out, but now that I’m turning my attention to Granit Xhaka, someone who I have been arguably the biggest advocate in the world for since he first arrived.

But despite what the haters would think, this was not a hard list to churn up either. Every player can improve, even someone as rounded and underrated as Xhaka undoubtedly is.

Although it must be said that, completely unbiased, Xhaka has already improved leaps and bounds since he arrived at the club. His defensive work has improved, his decision-making has improved, he’s just a much better player than he was. The criticism at this point is mostly just irresponsible scapegoating.

Arsenal can still see more out of Granit Xhaka

But enough of that. You’re not here to listen to me defend Granit Xhaka. You can get that any day. You’re here to hear me critique what things he can improve on. So let’s get right to it with those three.

3. Fine-tuning

I hope I’m not just coming off as some biased superfan when I gush about how much Xhaka has improved. He really has. But there are still momentary slip-ups where we see old problems coming back to light, or see him making mistakes that he ironed out long ago. A misplaced pass, a poorly timed tackle, so on and so forth.

Everyone makes mistakes. But now that Xhaka is in his prime years, he can fine-tune those little mishaps more and more, and he will. That just comes with time and experience. The more he plays, the less he will miss a defender ready to intercept his pass.

It’s the small things now for Xhaka. He doesn’t have any big glaring issues, other than his lack of pace, but I can’t tell him to improve on that.

Moving on to No. 2.

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