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Victor Osimhen transfer has become a joke overnight

Arsenal may need help at striker for next season and Victor Osimhen looked to be a good idea. But recent reports have turned him into a joke.

The striker situation at Arsenal can’t be figured out right now because no one knows what’s happening next. For all intents and purposes, they could easily lose both Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette, leaving them with just Eddie Nketiah. Nketiah, the youth phenom who, with enough talent around him, shouldn’t have any trouble scoring goals.

But Nketiah is just one man, same as he always has been. One man who might not be the most dependable right away. Or ever, who knows.

So the Gunners need help at striker and names are being bandied about. Luka Jovic looks like a great Lacazette replacement, as he has a tremendous presence in the box and hold-up ability. His continued missteps during the pause have fueled the speculation.

Arsenal shouldn’t look at Victor Osimhen anymore

Then there’s Odsonne Edouard, who continues to score more and more goals at Celtic every time he sees his playing time increase. The perfect Aubameyag replacement, he operates in space and has speed to burn.

Victor Osimhen recently joined the party too, because Arsenal just loves window shopping in Ligue 1 and they particularly love window shopping at Lille, where they have been known to make purchases.

Osimhen is in the midst of his first real breakout campaign. 13 goals and four assists, not a bad tally at all. Definitely worthy of the £25m-ish market value he’s attached to. It makes him third on the list of three possible solutions because statistically and potentially, he is the third of three possible solutions.

Then reports came out that Lille will be looking for twice that market value to part with their young striker—a whole £50m. And just like that, if the reports are true (it’s the Sun, so no promises), Osimhen is suddenly a joke. Not as a player, but as a transfer link. There is no possible way that Arsenal can be justified in spending that much money when they could get Jovic and Edouard for less than that. Maybe even in a swap deal. Lille, meanwhile, probably won’t be looking for a swap for either Lacazette or Aubameyang.

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Just like that, all credibility behind this move is out the window. Unless a conflicting report comes out soon, which isn’t all that ridiculous to think might happen. Either way. He’s still third on the list.

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