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3 improvements Reiss Nelson must make to regain relevance

Arsenal, Reiss Nelson (Photo by GLYN KIRK/AFP via Getty Images)

Reiss Nelson is still hanging on the peripherals at Arsenal, so if he’s going to get back into relevance, here are three things he needs to improve.

Arsenal went from having zero wingers to being overstocked, where they currently are. They spent big bucks bringing Nicolas Pepe in, they spent decent money adding Gabriel Martinelli to their youth ranks and Bukayo Saka and Reiss Nelson have also risen to the challenge.

But for Reiss Nelson, he definitely finds himself fourth of four possible wingers, and with rumors of links to Willian, there may be even more risk of him falling farther behind than he already is.

And yet, Nelson was once the top of the charts. Ahead of Saka, ahead of everyone. He was the guy to take the job and be the future of the winger position and his loan to Hoffenheim just further proved that he was just begging to get back to the Premier League and get his talents noticed on a bigger stage.

Reiss Nelson must make 3 improvements at Arsenal

Nowadays, Nelson has to be feeling the pressure, despite only being 20-years-old, and while a bright future is still well within his grasp, he needs to start making some key improvements if he’s going to make that leap to the next level.

Let’s talk about those improvements, starting with No. 3.

3. Translating talents to EPL

This is kind of a catch-all improvement, so it’s a big leap, but maybe it isn’t as big as it seems. Nelson’s skills really translated early on during his loan at Hoffenheim, before the struggles set in and the off-the-pitch issues. Those skills have translated in the tough outfit too.

The only place his threat to goal has not translated is at the Premier League level. And that isn’t a rarity for player his age, who have tons of raw talent. Usually, the solution is just time. We need to see more of him at the Premier League level so that he can start to get comfortable with the style of play and what’s required to truly stick at this elevated level.

Of course, this gets a bit easier if the next two items can come to fruition.

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