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The time to sell Matteo Guendouzi is now or never

Arsenal is reportedly looking to sell Matteo Guendouzi way ahead of schedule, but if they’re going to sell him, it’s now or never.

Matteo Guendouzi arrived at the Emirates with very little acclaim other than a hopeful optimism that it was another gem turned kind of signing for Arsenal. That little acclaim turned into massive hype after just two appearances and PSG thought so too, levying a £60m bid just half a season after his arrival at the Emirates.

Under Unai Emery, he was the main man, trusted to play every single match, and to be fair, we saw a lot of what made him so good. But Mikel Arteta has been less than enthused with the Frenchman, playing him rarely and even going so far as to having to discipline him for issues off the pitch.

Compile that with the balloon incident before the season and now an apparently displeasing situation where Guendouzi was shirtless and waving his shirt around at a music event… who knows. The kid likes to party.

The time to sell Matteo Guendouzi is now—or not

But apparently this has been one move too far and Edu is ready to offload the young midfielder as well. Whatever happens, happens, but the time to sell Guendouzi is now or never.

Guendouzi is at a crucial point in his career when his value is either going to rise exponentially from being as good as everyone thought he was, or it’s going to plummet from disuse and off-the-pitch issues. Which is why this summer is so important.

Honestly, for as much as we all love Guendouzi, if we can still snag £60m for him, then it doesn’t make sense not to see him, since we have so many other needs, particularly in the midfield, where Guendouzi is proving not to be a solution.

Of course, there is still that great chance that Guendouzi is the solution, which similarly contributes to the now or never scenario. If we’re going to invest in him as a solution, he’s, again, either going to see that value solidify and he’s going to become a crucial part of our midfield or he’s going to struggle and disappear and that bid from PSG is going to be a fanciful dream from the past.

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Either way, immediate action is required this summer, because the opportunity to recoup a similar value for him likely won’t be there in even so little as another half of a season.

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