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3 reasons Nicolas Pepe is wildly superior to Wilfried Zaha

Arsenal, Nicolas Pepe (Photo by Octavio Passos/Getty Images)

Thanks to a pointless discussion, Arsenal fans are now flocking to the question of who is better—Nicolas Pepe or Wilfried Zaha? Here are 3 reasons it’s Pepe.

This is what happens when there’s nothing to do. Arsenal fans have now been sucked into a pointless and ongoing debate on whether they’d prefer Nicolas Pepe or Wilfried Zaha. Of course, Zaha has been linked with the Gunners for quite some time and looked plausible for awhile until Crystal Palace started asking for ungodly sums of money to part with him.

In the end, the Gunners instead opted to pay ungodly sums of money for Nicolas Pepe, paid in five installments, which Crystal Palace undoubtedly would not have gone for. Thus should have been the end of the debate, yet somehow it has been pulled out of the grave and there are actual reputable accounts showing Zaha highlights and posting bait like, “see what you’re missing, Arsenal fans?”

Seriously, we could be watching the Bundesliga, but instead, we’re dealing with stupid hypotheticals that have no purpose other than to inflame the delicate opinions of some of footballs most finicky fans.

3 reasons Arsenal are better off with Nicolas Pepe

We don’t want to be left out though, so let’s talk about the three main reasons why Pepe is far and away better than Zaha, bearing in mind that I could probably make a list of 15 reasons why, I just don’t have the patience or energy for that.

We start with No. 3.

3. He’s younger

This is always an important factor when talking about an ongoing project. Arsenal was not supposed to be turned around in one fell swoop, they needed to build towards something and, that being the case, plucking up the 24-year-old who hasn’t yet hit his prime is a better idea than getting the 27-year-old who’s prime is looking to be worse than his formative years. It’s that simple. We’re going to have Pepe thriving in the Premier League when Zaha is begging for relevance somewhere else.

On to No. 2.

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