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Thomas Partey the only not on board with Thomas Partey transfer

In case you haven’t heard, Thomas Partey is heavily linked to a move to Arsenal, but apparently he’s the only yet to commit to the transfer.

As I keep saying, so much of what Arsenal hopes to accomplish this coming transfer window and going into next season comes down to Thomas Partey and our ability to secure him. The link is so strong that there really isn’t an alternative if he doesn’t work out. There are other players out there, but there is no one else like him linked to the Gunners.

The move has gained such traction that Thomas Partey’s father weighed in in support of the move and, more recently, his international teammate Edwin Gyasi, who said he would love to see Partey playing at Arsenal.

Add this to the expanding list of people who think this is the perfect move, including the transfer chiefs at Arsenal who are all in on this guy, and it feels like the only party that hasn’t yet agreed that this is a great idea is Thomas Partey himself.

Thomas Partey the last to endorse move to Arsenal

Although, maybe he has and it just wasn’t quite as overt.

Atletico Madrid is obviously pretty desperate to lock Thomas Partey down to a long-term deal to stave off interest, as well as raising his release clause, but their initial efforts were turned away by Partey and his people. Madrid had hoped to double Partey’s release clause and give him a massive increase in wages, but it looks like Partey is more interested in trying out the transfer market than he is at staying in Spain.

There’s a reason why so many people are in agreement, though. Because this is such an obvious fit, the kind that you’d base an entire transfer window on. Arsenal’s midfield has been desperate for an all-action, box-to-box guy who takes no prisoners with his fearless play.

We tried with Lucas Torreira, it didn’t work out. We have Granit Xhaka, and he’s got his resources, but he is definitely not an all-action guy. Matteo Guendouzi is all-action but without the discipline and the wrecking ball mentality. Partey is the guy to tie it all together and give us the midfield we need to succeed.

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All we need now is to get Thomas Partey on board. Which, if he’s asking for input from any of his support group, shouldn’t be that hard. Everyone likes the idea right? Now make it happen.

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