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5 key players in North London Derby

Arsenal will look to continue their unbeaten run against Tottenham. Here are five key players to accomplishing that crucial goal.

Arsenal was incredibly unlucky not to take full points against Leicester City. A questionable red card from Eddie Nketiah, who hadn’t even touched the ball yet, completely undid a first half that was arguably our best first half of football all season.

Of course, there are still questions—why is the second half always so sluggish? Let’s start there. Because it’s now two matches in a row that we’ve been clinging to a lead. Though we did have plenty of chances to go two up over Leicester.

Meanwhile, Tottenham was lucky to come away with full points against Everton in what was easily the most boring game I’ve watched in quite some time. Neither of these teams wanted to be there. It looked like they were playing for nothing.

Based on the last two matches alone, the Gunners have the advantage. They are fighting. They are controlled. They are deadly. Tottenham is blah. Just a big, flabby blah.

But the North London Derby always changes things. You just know that both teams will be up for the occasion, even with relatively little to play for other than pride. And with that in mind, we are going to need some key players to step up.

The first key player is coming in at No. 5.

5. Alexandre Lacazette

I am frustrated with Alexandre Lacazette for his inability to slot home a second goal against Leicester. He had so many pristine opportunities that he just couldn’t put away. Of course, this was just a few days after he did exactly what he couldn’t do against the Foxes—he slotted home the comfortable second goal against Wolverhampton.

With Eddie Nketiah out of the picture for a bit, barring the appeal, Lacazette has become a crucial piece of the puzzle, starting right away with a North London Derby. We can’t have him squandering chances. When they come to him—and they will—he has to put them away. Because we don’t have any alternatives right now.

On to key player No. 4.

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