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Arsenal’s Transfer Failings Will Have Repercussions

We thirst for midfield additions.

For all the fine work Mikel Arteta is doing at Arsenal, when the less tactical savvy of us can still easily pinpoint where the deficiencies in the side are, it means work must be done. It’s only so long that the Spaniard can keep us ticking over without the tools at his disposal.

As the clock winds down and the deadline draws closer, our palms are getting sweaty. With a fanbase split on whether certain deals will happen or not, no matter your viewpoint, there is a firm agreement that they need to come to fruition. One way or another.

On the pitch, the lack of flair in the final third is clear as day. Someone who can carry the ball through the thirds with pace, but still have the attributes to feed a teammate with an eye of the needle pass. We lack a midfielder with mobility who perform a box-to-box role too, but you can coach positions and tactics, you can’t coach creativity.

We need both of the players in question. Yet at present, one will do. To give Arteta an extra edge in his selections, to bring the best out of the other players on the pitch, midfield additions must get over the line.

However, should the issues on the pitch not be solved, the off-field repercussions could be detrimental in their own way.

Should Arsenal embark on a poor run of results, or individual players in midfield areas hit a patchy bit of form, it’s natural that the baying crowd will voice their contempt. Not in stadiums, obviously, but the heat will be on the club for failing to meet their targets.

Our fanbase has been embroiled in a running battle against maligned ownership, mismanagement and a lack of progression. While two of those issues are on the mend, previously dormant emotions may bubble to the surface one more. Even if not for the same reasons. Anger and disappointment may resume by those quick to judge.

It is, however, imperative that we keep ourselves grounded. The financial situation is dire, while the market is so hard to navigate due to the crippling nature of this awful global pandemic.

The players and supporters need the lift. If it doesn’t come, I fear for the off-field consequences. Even if I trust Arteta with my life.

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