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3 reasons for and against signing Dani Ceballos

Arsenal, Dani Ceballos (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)

The biggest unanswered question this season is what to do with Dani Ceballos, so here are three reasons for and against Arsenal signing him permanently.

Arsenal brought Dani Ceballos in on loan to serve as an audition. If they liked him, they would buy him. Hell, early on we were all stressed about how Real Madrid would ever let him go. We joked about making him play awfully to convince Real Madrid they could sell him on the cheap.

That joke didn’t age well. here we are with the season winding down (whenever that may be) and no one can conclusively say one way or the other if Ceballos should be bought on a permanent deal. Part of the problem is the rumored £36m price tag, which emerged from reports that Madrid were asking that much for him last summer.

That’s a lot of money to spend, so it has to be spent right. And as mentioned, it’s hard to tell yet if Ceballos is the right guy for the job. So in order to make this job easier, let’s break down the three biggest reasons why we should be for signing him permanently, and the three biggest reasons why we should be against signing him permanently.

We’ll start with reason No. 3 against.

3, Against: He hasn’t produced

This is not a reason I expected to be writing about when we first got him on loan. I thought that it would be the No. 1 reason that we needed to sign him, but alas, that has not been the case. While we’ve all been bashing Mesut Ozil for not producing any goals, Ceballos has only managed one goal and two assists across the Europa League and Champions League and those two assists came in the same match against Burnely. His one major achievement.

He hasn’t played much, granted, but with over 1200 minutes, we should be seeing a higher return than what we are.

On to reason No. 3 in favor of signing him.

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