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Don’t be stupid, Gabriel Martinelli isn’t going anywhere

No more than a few days after declaring his goal of becoming an Arsenal legend, Gabriel Martinell is being tipped to leave. Don’t be foolish.

It’s just another slow day in the news. You Google ‘Arsenal‘ and some of the first headlines that pop up are spewing ridiculousness about Gabriel Martinelli leaving the club. Anything to get eyes, and it worked yet again.

Gabriel Martinelli could not have made it any clearer what he thought about the club and his stay here. And for the past eight months, going back to the first day he arrived, he couldn’t have been any clearer.

It all started when he first joined. Barcelona, among others, were also interested in signing him, but he chose the Emirates. Immediately, Barcelona moaned about not having got him, but whatever Raul Sanllehi and Edu were offering him, he liked it. And even though it was Unai Emery in charge at the time, clearly Martinelli still likes it here.

Why? Because he spoke very openly about how much he loved it here, how much he liked what Arteta was doing, and about how he wanted to win us tons of trophies and become an Arsenal legend.

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It’s hard to do all those things from somewhere else.

Martinelli has been tearing up the pitch this year, he’s ticketed to be one of the hottest young players in the world when he has more time to prove his merit and after just one year at the club, he’s likely looking at a starting spot come next season. He should have one already, but there’s just a lot of clutter, so he’s had to fight for his minutes.

Yet he remains one of our top goal producers, as he’s found it clearly enjoyable to combine with the likes of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. Come next year, if we don’t have Aubameyang, we will be counting on Martinelli to be the guy who others want to play with. He should already be that guy, as he’s been such a hit right from the start.

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Gabriel Martinelli isn’t going anywhere. Don’t buy into the fear-mongering out there. It’s foolish and it preys on lies and hearsay. Believe in what the player actually said and what he actually does. He wants to be here, otherwise, he’d be somewhere else. It’s that simple. And as long as he wants to be here, he will be. Because he’s not even been here a year yet.

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