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Jack Wilshere – No Time for Arsenal Fan Sentiment

England’s ‘next big thing, Jack Wilshere, currently finds himself without a club.

Ever since Jack Wilshere was released on transfer deadline day there has been a growing group of fans on social media declaring that they would be open to him returning to Arsenal and finishing what he started at the club.

It was even mentioned by Adrian Durham on Talksport that Wilshere has “unfinished business” at Arsenal, and returning to his boyhood club would make sense.

From a sentimental point of view it would be lovely to see Jack back in the red and white of Arsenal, but in this case, I don’t think we should let sentiment rule our heads or hearts

There has been nothing official coming from player or club with regards to Wilshere’s future and this rumour does seem to be something dreamed up by fans. In my opinion, this rumour should remain but a dream.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love the thought of an ex-player pulling on the shirt (I’m still waiting for you to come home Santi), as long as they have left on good terms, obviously. In the case of Wishere however, for me he never really fulfilled his potential despite all that early promise – including a midfield masterclass against Barcelona which even had the legendary Xavi praising him.

This is of course down to injuries – and I’m certainly not holding that against him – but at 28 years old Wilshere is still labelled as injury prone and it really wouldn’t make much sense for Arsenal to sign a player who has only started eight games in two years. Even on a pay-as-you-play deal.

One of the main points that many fans are making about the midfielder returning is that he would work well with Mikel Arteta, and that he could bring the best out of him again. It’s easy to think like that as Arteta has played with Wilshere before so knows his best attributes. He has the patience required to help him should he need it.

My question is ‘do we really want to risk it?’ – I can’t see Wilshere breaking into the starting eleven now, and I think it would be a waste of time for both player and club.

As fans, if we want the club to move forward we need to stop the sentiment in some cases. Signing Wilshere would be a backwards step and one that would be foolish for the club to make. His story at the club is over, and although I will follow his career and hope he has success, I don’t want to see him back playing at Arsenal.

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Any logical thinking fan should feel the same.

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