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Lucas Torreira Leaving on Loan is Not the End of the World for Arsenal


This is the nervous Arsenal fanbase right now. For good reason, too, since the situation that has been drilled into us nonstop this window remains at exactly the same stance: sell before buy.

So if we’re shipping off one of the only valuable assets at the club – that is up for sale – in Lucas Torreira, but on a loan deal, surely that is then counterproductive?

Well, possibly, but also possibly not. Make sense? Of course not, so let’s have a dig.

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All the talk at the minute surrounding the Uruguayan’s future is that the clubs who want to sign him would prefer to do so temporarily as opposed to permanently this summer.

Fiorentina and Torino have been the two Serie A sides who’ve been credited with the firmest interest this transfer window. Talk has rumbled on for weeks about one or the other signing the 24-year-old either on loan or via an upfront transfer.

However, it’s been heavily speculated to be the former. Depending on which source you read (or trust) we’re hearing of loan moves with an option to buy, as well as loan deals with an obligation to buy. While there may be an initial loan fee – not thought to be much – this does indeed mean Arsenal will have to wait for the big bucks.

Is that necessarily bad? It sure can be, but just because there will be no swift capital gain on Torreira’s departure does not condemn the purse strings to remain sewn together.

At this point, nobody apart from those up in the boardroom and behind the scenes are familiar with the inner workings of the Gunners’ financial structure, but if there is either a promise or the potential for money in the long-term, that may be enough for encourage the club to invest in the short-term.

This is of course no certainty, but the business going on at Arsenal has been criticised by their apparent willingness to sanction such a deal. They need players out and in quick time.

Those qualms were turned up a notch with the most recent developments coming out of Spain. As per ESPN Uruguay, talks between Atletico and Torreira are at an advanced stage. Other outlets add to this that it would be a loan deal, some saying an option to buy, although Arsenal, of course, would favour this being an outright sale.

Work is being done to reach that conclusion, although even if the deal is a loan with obligation, at least they can be sure the funding will be there at some point. It’s one to look out for in the coming days.

Yet if it does arise that the move is a loan, that does not spell the end of pursuits of Atletico’s own Thomas Partey, or even Houssem Aouar (let’s be honest, both is a big push). Money is essential if Arsenal persist with one of those deals, but just because the Torreira money may not be instant, doesn’t mean they 100% won’t be able to spend it.

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Let’s hope that’s the case, anyway.

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