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Still waiting on the bad news about Kieran Tierney

Arsenal seems to have found the rare perfect signing in Kieran Tierney, so I’m just waiting for the bad news to drop. There has to be something, right?

It’s not every day a team signs a player that is perfect across the board. In fact, that never literally never happens. Especially at Arsenal, whose fans will always find the one downfall of any given player. Like Nicolas Pepe, for instance, who has been our most effective goal scorer all year, yet he is still put under the microscope. Likely because of his price.

For Kieran Tierney, though, there has yet to be a downfall. None whatsoever. When he was signed for a modest £25m, it was pretty universal that this was a good idea, and despite the rampant injuries, people kept the faith, even as he only tallied about 300 Premier League minutes going well into the Mikel Arteta era.

Now, he’s become one of the most irreplaceable guys at the club, suiting up at leftback, left centerback and left wingback and playing them all with complete effectiveness.

And it’s not like the media is even trying to drum anything up on him. All the headlines do is gush about how great he is, how everyone at Arsenal loves him, how Mikel Arteta loves him.

Basically, everyone loves him.

The only semi-negative tilt we’ve seen thus far is that some Arsenal players reportedly had to ask him to tone down the intensity with which he trained. And if you ask me if that’s a good or a bad thing, I will 100% tell you it’s a good thing. Because what do we see from Arsenal on the pitch these days? We see intensity. We see fight. Mostly in the first half, not so much in the second, but it’s a start.

Now, how much does that have to do with Kieran Tierney? Who knows. Maybe not much. But all we know is that he is the exact kind of player, with the exact kind of values that this club wants to be built around to grind out the kinds of results we’re currently grinding out.

Think it’s a coincidence?

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Probably not. And for the budget price we got him, that makes him an easy person to have no bad news attached. So I guess I should just shut up and enjoy it.

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