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Unnecessary newsflash, Calum Chambers still exists

The questions are being asked of the Arsenal defense all over again and while William Saliba is a lift, Calum Chambers is still here, people!

Arsenal is back in training and, naturally, the first thing people are talking about is the defense. How David Luiz’s future will affect the defense, how William Saliba is the savior that the Gunners have needed and, oh hey, Calum Chambers is back in training too.

This is like, the fourth or fifth time I’ve written what is essentially the same article. The difference this time around is that Chambers is closer than ever to yet again proving me right while simultaneously reminding everyone that he’s still as viable a solution as he has ever been. But for whatever reason, he’s apparently only able to remain relevant when he’s on the pitch.

So here I am with a casual and unnecessary newsflash that you can forget about Chambers all you want, he is still going to come back, prove to be arguably the best defender we have and as always, I’ll be left feeling vindicated.

Calum Chambers is still Arsenal’s best centerback

It happened not all that long ago. Rewind to the beginning of the season, when Chambers had again been forgotten about. Didn’t he slip right into that starting XI and prove to be our best centerback?


No rewind even further. Way back to Arsene Wenger times when we didn’t have any centerbacks to speak of. Wenger, with nowhere left to turn, called on Konstantinos Mavropanos and a young centerback everyone had forgotten about—Calum Chambers. The result, he became the centerpiece of the defense.


So here we are, with a resurgent defense built by Mikel Arteta out of the same pieces that have failed without Calum Chambers, a defense that is going to get even stronger with Saliba’s arrival and most people have forgotten that Chambers is literally our best centerback. Still.

Problem is he got hurt for a long time, was supposed to miss the entire season, but now that the pause extended the season, Chambers is going to be back ahead of time, which is nice because, guess what? Before next season we can again be reminded that he’s our best defender. Which will be nice when the transfer rumors kick up again and people endorse it.

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Because I’ll be here to remind everyone that Chambers is still the best defender we got. And that’s not a bad thing.

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