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Goals & Assists from our players this season [OC] : Gunners

Honestly, Aubameyang is too good for this team at the moment. As a Gunner, I know we need him. But as a fan of his, I’d love to see him play football at the highest levels, and Arsenal can’t get him there.

He’s played in the CL finals before, and now he’s carrying us on his back single-handedly as the best striker in the league. I say he’s the best because he’s in the Golden Boot race with our mid-table season. If I was his friend, I’d tell him to leave, honest truth. It’s crushing to see him dying on the field to save our team every week while we concede crap goals and destroy his efforts to win games.

Just think of our Europa league exit, after getting us into the best position to win, we threw it away and then put all the pressure back on him to save it in the last second. Despite doing everything you could hope from a striker, he still felt as if he failed. He deserves better than us.

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