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3 great transfer ideas that aren’t talked about enough

Arsenal, Jonathan Tah (Photo by Jose Manuel Alvarez/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images)

Arsenal has been linked to a ton of players during the pause, but some aren’t talked about enough. Here are three such cases that we really need.

The right transfer rumors don’t always get the right amount of attention. For instance, the amount of times I’ve seen a headline talking about Arsenal‘s link to Chris Smalling is enough to make me want to pluck my own nose hairs. But then there are some guys that fly under the radar, get mentioned maybe once, and disappear.

Leaving me here, grasping at straws, trying to make those happy rumors come back around. When they never do, I worry that it was never serious to begin with.

The Gunners have a lot of needs this summer, but those needs are very specific and defined, giving us a clear picture of what needs to happen. There are some names that are always going to capture a lot of attention, but I want to look at three names that should still be capturing attention but aren’t. Or maybe they never were in the first place.

We begin with a very frustrating No. 3.

3. Jonathan Tah

Everyone is obsessed with Dayot Upamecano. The RB Leipzig centerback is apparently the only quality defender in the whole of Germany, if you follow the rumors. As such, Arsenal will have a tough time fighting through the crowd to get him before anyone else does. Not least of all because of the price he is going to carry with him.

Jonathan Tah, meanwhile, is of the same caliber. Sure, he’s two years older, but that also makes him two years more experienced. He’s proven such consistency and reliability on the pitch in those two years that I’d prefer him to Upamecano anyway.

When Tah was in Upamecano’s shoes two years ago, the Gunners were linked to him and I wanted him then too. But now that he’s suddenly under the radar, I want him at Arsenal even more.

The only potential hang-up is that of all the clubs that apparently don’t see his value, Bayer Leverkusen almost certainly do. Getting the right price is also crucial, and that may not be possible.

On to No. 2.

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