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v. West Ham, 2015. : Gunners

It took me a while to figure out when and where this play was from. I knew the Arsenal socks meant the date was around 2015, but those blue kits, man… Jesus, who wore those? I thought they had to be Bournemouth’s, or Sunderland’s, maybe, and spent a good half hour trying to find the exact game. But eventually, I realized the kits belonged to the Hammers, and from there, it was easy to find the BBC match report.

Lovely interplay from Santi and Özil here, and yet again, Mesut is able to flick the ball over to a teammate without even turning towards him. Maybe Ramsey (I think it’s Ramsey…) shouts or something, but then wouldn’t the West Ham defender react quicker? I choose to believe Özil just used echolocation or something.

Fun facts:

  • We won this match 3-0, with goals by Giroud, Ramsey, and…

  • Flamini, who came on in the 83rd minute and scored with his first touch. It was his first goal for nearly a year.

  • West Ham keeper Adrian made a number of excellent saves to keep the scoreline from being even more lopsided.

  • Alex Song started for West Ham! He’d been loaned out from Barcelona in August 2014. Strange times, indeed.

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