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Bernd Leno, Mesut Ozil key to Kai Havertz pursuit

Arsenal, along with everyone else in the world, would like to secure the long-term services of Kai Havert. And here are two guys that can help immensely.

Arsenal could see their fortunes ballooning if they can find a way to create consistent chances from the midfield and have a significant threat to goal from anyone other than strikers or wingers. That’s why Kai Havertz is front and center of nearly every top team’s transfer dream. But for Arsenal, it’s different. We have a throne, waiting for him.

That said, it’s crucial that he be our top priority. I understand he costs £90m, but even still, that’s not out of the realistic price range and it’s certainly worth it.

We’re going to need help, though. And that help is, thankfully, right here at the squad in two key guys that Havertz should value the opinion of.

The first is Bernd Leno. Leno made the same move that Havertz would make, from Bayer Leverkusen to the Emirates, and he’s seen what kind of growth the club has gone through. He’s been outspoken in favor of how positive it’s looking now that Mikel Arteta is here and he’s also been able to establish himself as one of the best in the world.

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If anyone can speak to the move working, that guy would be Leno.

The second is Mesut Ozil. Havertz believes Ozil to be one of the greatest players in German history and I don’t think you can overestimate how sumptuous it can look to Havertz that he may be inheriting the English throne of the greatest player in German history.

Havertz will be well aware that he’s the heir to Ozil if he comes to Arsenal. And since Ozil has been trying to regain that throne all year—to no avail—it’s clear what Arteta is going for with the structure of the team and it requires someone to take the Ozil throne.

If this whole “ambassador of the club” thing is more than just conjecture, we have two of the most ideal ambassadors in Bernd Lenno and Mesut Ozil and, hopefully, this resource is not being taken for granted.

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If we are serious about landing Havertz against the sea of other attractive options he can choose from, we have to leave nothing on the table. Deploying Leno and Ozil to court the favor of a young german prodigy kind of just goes without saying.

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