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Nothing else matters if we miss out on Thomas Partey

Arsenal has a lot of transfer rumors dipping and diving into the news, but none of that matters if they can’t secure Thomas Partey first.

All this talk of Arsenal ready to snatch up Dayot Upamecano, and pay the big bucks for Luka Jovic, and all I can think is—yeah, but what about Thomas Partey. You know why? Because, and here comes my sensationalist self, if we don’t get Partey, we don’t get dick. (That’s a Raising Arizona reference.)

But I’m not just being sensationalistic here. I am completely serious. If we get Upamecano and Jovic, I will be a happy dude. I’ll be singing the praises of everyone at the club. And then I’ll take a timeout to ask why we didn’t get Thomas Partey.

However, if we only get Thomas Partey, and we don’t get Jovic or Upamecano or any other guy out there, I will be singing the praises of everyone at the club. And then I’ll sing the praises some more, because there’s nothing wrong.

Arsenal must prioritize Thomas Partey

It’s all about the position. If Arsenal don’t get Jovic, they probably still have either Aubameyang or Lacazette, but even if they don’t, they still have Nketiah and a flourish of attacking talent around him—Pepe, Saka, Martinelli.

That’s some exciting stuff right there.

Meanwhile, if we don’t get Upamecano, we still have William Saliba coming in and Calum Chambers coming back to health. Not to mention David Luiz.

That’s some exciting stuff right there.

If we don’t get Partey, Arsenal still have Granit Xhaka and while I am the biggest Granit Xhaka fan in the world, I am well aware that if he wants to be at his best, we need someone next to him named Thomas Partey. Keeping in mind that we tried other things. We tried Ceballos, we tried Lucas Torreira, we tried Guendouzi.

It didn’t work. Because none of those guys are Thomas Partey, nor do they play the game like Partey. Partey is the exact specimen of a midfielder that we need to perfect this midfield. The exact one. I wouldn’t say that Upamecano or Jovic are the exact anything. They’re nice to have, don’t get me wrong, but nothing fits into this Arsenal starting XI as perfectly as Partey will.

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For that reason, I have trouble focusing on any other transfer rumors because they all detract from what we really need. And yes, now I’m being dramatic, so I’ll go ahead and stop.

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