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One transfer target from each Serie A club

Arsenal, Lorenzo Pellegrini (Photo by Silvia Lore/Getty Images)

With a heaping of transfer needs coming up this summer, here is one target from each Serie A club that Arsenal should be targeting for the summer window.

Arsenal just about always looks to Ligue 1 for big-time solutions. The last big signing they made from Serie A was plucking Lucas Torreira from Samprodia, and that’s a move that still hasn’t settled at the Emirates yet.

Simply put, the way the game is played in Italy is much different than the way it’s played in England. I have no doubts that Ozil could have success in Italy for many more years to come, mostly because Andrea Pirlo did the same. Yet Pirlo would never have found such success in England.

Still, that doesn’t negate all potential targets. There are some serious gems hiding out in Serie A, and not all near the top of the table either, that the Gunners could benefit from targeting, so let’s dig right in.

As a side note, these are realistic transfer targets. You won’t find Ronaldo on the list because that isn’t happening. Let’s kick things off at the top of the alphabet with Atalanta.


Ever since the 2018 World Cup, I’ve been borderline obsessed with the Croatian national team. Their hard-nosed, no-nonsense, and physical—sometimes brutal—style was everything that I wanted Arsenal to be.

Mario Pasalic wasn’t on that team. But he is part of the next era of great Croatian footballers and he is making a point to the world at Atalanta this year.

With seven goals and seven assists in all competitions, he’s made the point in the attack. Those kinds of numbers from an Arsenal midfielder would be swoon-inducing. We’ve got no one even close. But in typical Croatian fashion, Pasalic is secure in the ball and while defense isn’t the highlight of his game, he isn’t afraid to make the tough tackles.

Pasalic is 25-years-old and he is ready to swim into the prime of his career. If that happens to coincide with a remarkably low £15m price tag, then all the better.

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