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Arsenal Invincibles Collection : Gunners

Well I said for you guys not to hold your breath… but if you did then you don’t have to any longer because everything I collected has now been uploaded! This is literally all the Invincibles footage that I could possibly find on the net gathered into one place. A lot of it is probably not perfect. There’s a good bit of foreign commentary, some of the games I got are just extended highlights (which are decent tbf) and there’s a handful that are only just around 1 minute of footage 🙁 But in one way or another all the games are here. All the big games are in full at least except for the NLD at home which has extended highlights and I think it’s not too bad considering that for some reason an Invincibles box set with the full matches hasn’t been released so the best there is only in pieces all over the internet even though whoever has the archives would make bank. Anyway enough rambling…HERE IT FUCKING IS, THE INVINCIBLES COLLECTION!

These can be downloaded so get them while they’re hot. I’m not sure how long these will last, they should last forever since I’m uploading them on the Pro version which I have a 7 day free trial for but you can never be too sure. One last thing, I would like to post match threads for these, single or multiple so we can discuss in depth which is my ulterior motive for uploading so soon. Will talk to the mods about that. Anyway that’s it for now for me I guess. Might do some other seasons in the future, I heard 01/02 was a blast and even better football than The Invincibles. I heard 07/08 was a blast as well. Probably not for a while though, or maybe might be soon. Who the fuck knows. Anyway, peace.

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