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Willian, like Gotze, superior to Philippe Coutinho

Arsenal has three very realistic veteran creative options for the midfield and Philippe Coutinho again has to rank second in a two-horse race with Willian.

Arsenal‘s link to Philippe Coutinho persists and fans continue to clamor for him to join the Gunners on a loan, much like Dani Ceballos did. They are chirping for his massive wages to be added to our ever-expanding wage list, with Mesut Ozil still likely lingering there as well, and frankly, I just don’t get it.

To be fair, I get the need for a player like Coutinho, which is why I wrote about why Mario Gotze was a better option and which is why I’m now writing about why Willian is a better option. For Gotze, the numbers were just better across the board and the permanent deal was far preferable.

For Willian, it’s a bit more of a mixed bag as to why. The numbers certainly aren’t better, as his 200 minutes in between goal contributions don’t match up with Coutinho, who is around 150 minutes. But what I like about Willian is what I liked about Gotze—a permanent deal. He would be a true Gooner. Just like David Luiz is.

Arsenal should choose Willian over Philippe Coutinho

The benefits of having a true Gooner should be obvious and should be even easier to see because of the ill-fated loan history of this club.

With Coutinho, you’re trying out something you can’t—and shouldn’t—keep. With Willian, you are building a solution that can then be passed on to someone like Emile Smith Rowe when the time comes, but Willian can stay on as that needed support, as he also plays on the wings.

Willian is faster, which I love, because we can never have too much speed in this counter-attack, and his creation and dribbling is right there on par with Coutinho’s.

And yeah, maybe David Luiz’s success has pushed me more in favor of Willian because I wasn’t that big on signing him earlier either. But he’s free, he’s damn good, and he would be on par with Gotze as a smart, sensible solution for the now and the later.

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Maybe I’m just bored and trying to raise a stink, or maybe it’s just a terrible idea to bring Philippe Coutinho in on loan. Or hell, maybe it’s a great idea and I’m just bitter and not a fan of his. Hard to say. But I will say that there are better options, options that look far more destined to succeed.

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