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19 points and Europa League? : Gunners

TL;DR I’ve compiled all our penalty shouts, red card appeals and some random VAR-fuckery in the bottom if you don’t care to read a wall of text

There is an obvious preface to this post. We’ve all seen us play this season. It is obvious that we do not create nearly enough chances in one end and that Leno has bailed out calamitous defending in the other. The following clips does not change that one bit, and Arteta has every right to question the performances of his players. But performance has no bearing on how shocking officiating has been against us this season.

I am also aware that the claim of 19 points robbed is a big, big one. Looking at the way we defend leads, there is every chance we would have thrown some of those points regardless, even if officiating had been on point. It’s also exaggerated by the fact that 24 out of 30 league games this season has been decided by one goal or less, so virtually every mistake is costly.

Obviously, I am also extremely biased, but I’ll try to provide clips wherever possible, so you can judge for yourselves. Both the controversial incidents for and against Arsenal. I would also note, before you rightfully mock my lack of life to even compile this post, that my girlfriend has tested positive for COVID-19 this week, so I am quarantined for the next 9 days. A final lead-in to the post would be our stats this season. 2-6 in penalties for/against. 0-4 in red cards. The last time an opponent in the league got a direct red card which wasn’t for punching a player in the face (Deeney, Stephens) was in 2017 (Pogba on Bellerin).

You’ll probably see a lot of moaning about Atkinson, Dean, Taylor and Kavanagh. They’ve officiated 20 out of our 30 league games and the holy trinity has split the FA Cup between them.

Gameweek 1: Newcastle 0 – 1 Arsenal

Referee: Martin Atkinson

Not much here. Newcastle get away with a number of crunching fouls, yet their only card is given to Almiron for diving. He pulls Sokratis down risking a second yellow, but Atkinson gives Arsenal the advantage and does not address the situation.

Gameweek 2: Arsenal 2 – 1 Burnley

Referee: Mike Dean

The Ceballos masterclass. Once again hacking our players down goes unpunished, before Dean finally summons the courage to dish out a yellow to Burnley… In the 95th minute.

Gameweek 3: Liverpool 3 – 1 Arsenal.

Referee: Anthony Taylor.

Salah is given a penalty for a shirt pull by David Luiz. After the game he admits he didn’t even notice, but stupid of Luiz to give the ref the chance. At least he learned his lesson, and never grabbed an opponent in the box again…

Gameweek 4: Arsenal 2 – 2 Tottenham

Referee: Martin Atkinson

Xhaka commits as clear a penalty as you’ll ever see on Son and Atkinson gives it. Atkinson shows the Arsenal-captain a yellow card a fair bit too late after a string of fouls towards the end of the game.

Gameweek 5: Watford 2 – 2 Arsenal

Referee: Anthony Taylor

Threw away a 2-0 lead against Watford at their worst… Their first goal should technically not have stood, because Deulofeu was in the box for the goal kick as he stole the ball from a Sokratis blunder. But you’d have to be a right dickhead to blame the referee on that one. It was against the rules, but it also didn’t really make a difference. They also get a penalty as Luiz trips Pereyra. Maybe he was jumping before the contact, but can’t really complain it was given. Technically two points lost through officiating errors, but I’ll not count them in the tally.

Gameweek 6: Arsenal 3 – 2 Aston Villa

Referee: John Moss

Maitland-Niles gets a second yellow as we are 1-0 down. Kicking the ball away his high foot actually misses Trezeguet, who stamps down on AMN’s trailing leg. Fatty Moss who stood 40 yards away, dishes out the second yellow as Niles is helped off by the physio. We do get a penalty however. https://youtu.be/GUUt3PhsQMA?t=153 Clear as day on Guendouzi. Game was 15-15 in fouls committed, yet 7-1 in yellow cards. Villa-shout for Sokratis-handball

Gameweek 7: Manchester United 1 – 1 Arsenal

Referee: Kevin Friend

A disastrous, inexplicable mistake by the linesman almost costs a goal, as he lifts his flag on a 3.3m onside Aubameyang, but Kevin Friend does well to hold his whistle until after the goal is scored. What a nice bit of refereeing – he only gets one more Arsenal game this season.

Gameweek 8: Arsenal 1 – 0 Bournemouth

Referee: Martin Atkinson

Atkinson denies Pepe and obvious penalty, and VAR (Anthony Taylor) does nothing. The clip is copyrighted but here is the r/soccer thread and here is it included in a Pepe-compilation.

Gameweek 9: Sheffield United 1 – 0 Arsenal

Referee: Mike Dean

Two obvious penalty shouts turned down. Here Sokratis has his shirt pulls and is clearly impeded as he is jumping for the ball. Given to Liverpool against us for far less. Here Saka is tripped in the box, and gets a yellow for diving… VAR not consulted. Three points.

Gameweek 10: Arsenal 2 – 2 Crystal Palace

Referee: Martin Atkinson

Where do I begin… A week after the Saka incident with no VAR check, Atkinson books Zaha for diving. A VAR check reverts it to a penalty, which is not the worst decision in the world. Because the worst decision in the world is made about an hour later.

Sokratis powers the would-be-winner home in the 84th minute and the goal is given. Chambers is fouled by three different Palace-players, so the goal gets ruled out by Jarred Gillett in the VAR room. There is no excuse for this. The clearest example you will ever see of officials stealing a game. We literally scored the winner. Look at Lacazette’s elation, before the goal is stolen, too. Makes it even sadder.

Also, I found this 5 minute clip leading up to Palace’s second goal. It’s nothing special, just Atkinson denying Arsenal five clear fouls in five minutes. Five points.

BONUS – EFL CUP: Liverpool 5 – 5 Arsenal

Referee: Andre Marriner

No VAR for this game, and we had scored an offside goal at this point, so I guess it evened out for once. But I still think it’s relevant to showcase yet another case of penalties given against Arsenal, that we would never get. Here Elliott clearly dives to win a pen.

Gameweek 11: Arsenal 1 – 1 Wolverhampton

Referee: Michael Oliver

Michael Oliver has a fine game. His only Arsenal game this season.

Gameweek 12: Leicester 2 – 0 Arsenal

Referee: Chris Kavanagh

Aubameyang has a goal disallowed for offside correctly. This from Guendouzi went to a VAR check. There’s a definite case to be made that Soyuncu could not reach the ball (which shouldn’t really matter, but effectively does) and that he threw himself when feeling the contact, but grabbing a hold of the guy in front of you, always gives a chance for a penalty.

Gameweek 13: Arsenal 2 – 2 Southampton

Referee: Stuart Atwell

The anger with Emery at the time overshadowed just how poor Atwell’s game was. None of Southampton’s goals should have stood. On the first one the ball is still rolling as Southampton takes a free kick. Atwell gives it for a situation off the ball, yet it isn’t taken where it occurs. Instead, Redmond places it where he can get it around Bellerin. Later in the game, Atwell has learned his lesson.

They also get a penalty from a complete fabrication. Tierney touches Ings’s arm, and he goes to ground because he cannot reach the ball. /r/soccer-thread.

Seven points.

Gameweek 14: Norwich 2 – 2 Arsenal

Referee: Paul Tierney.

We get a penalty, from Zimmerman playing volleyball! And even get to retake it after encroachment in the box on Aubameyang’s initial miss. Tierney and VAR however decides that this is only a yellow card. As play is restarted Norwich make it 2-1.

Nine points.

Gameweek 15: Arsenal 1 – 2 Brighton

Referee: Graham Scott

Brighton were allowed to kick us around again and only got a single yellow card. Other than that he had a decent game, as we went winless in 10.

Gameweek 16: West Ham 1 – 3 Arsenal

Referee: Mike Dean

We claw it back despite a classic Deaning. This was not even given as a foul, and epitomizes the day he had.

Gameweek 17: Arsenal 0 – 3 Man City

Referee: Paul Tierney

Allowed Pep’s serial fouling for far too long, but in the end, he did dish out four yellows. But yeah, not that it makes a big difference.

Gameweek 18: Everton 0 – 0 Arsenal

Referee: Kevin Friend

Impressive he managed to stay awake for that game.

Gameweek 19: Bournemouth 1 – 1 Arsenal

Referee: Stuart Atwell.

A yellow was given for this, but it was late in the game so probably didn’t do much for the end result. It is annoying seeing players get away with it though. Also 40 seconds of effective playing time in the 4 minutes he added. Even booked Wilson for time wasting, then blew the whistle on the dot while we were in attack. That’s a petty grievance mostly.

Gameweek 20: Arsenal 1 – 2 Chelsea

Referee: Craig Pawson

One of the most baffling officiating mistakes of the year was made in this game, as Craig Pawson failed to issue Jorginho a second yellow for an obvious professional foul.. Lacazette got a yellow for complaining about it. In general Pawson had poor control of the game, here holding up four fingers as he booked Torreira for his first and only foul of the game.

It should be mentioned that a similar appeal was lodged against Guendouzi in the first half. At this point he was already on a yellow through another inconsistency from Pawson, who had let exact same go from Tomori mere minutes before. He then did this, which even went to a VAR check for penalty. What actually seems to bring Abraham down is a tangle of legs outside the box, but like in the Leicester game Guendouzi should know better than to grab an opponent from behind, even if the ball was on its way out of play elsewhere. Matteo was unlucky to be on a yellow, but lucky to not get a second. Whichever way you swing on this decision, at least there were redeeming factors to this. The officials weren’t looking at it, the trip occurred outside the box where VAR couldn’t look at it, it didn’t have any effect on play at all and the first yellow was probably issued a bit too harshly considering the line. Revising those points for Jorginho, it happened in full view of Pawson five yards away, it heavily influenced play as Guendouzi was driving a counter past the Chelsea midfield into space when he got pulled down and Jorginho’s first yellow was for a clear professional foul. VAR couldn’t check this, but it also shouldn’t be necessary. What possible excuse can Pawson have to not give this? I can’t see it.

Eight minutes later Jorginho equalized, before Abraham scored a late winner. Make up your own mind about what you think of this. I’m chalking three points lost down on this one, bringing the total to twelve.

Gameweek 21: Arsenal 2 – 0 Manchester United

Referee: Chris Kavanagh

15 fouls by United and 0 yellows, but we grab the 2nd win in 16 games so I’ll let it slide this time, Kavanagh.

Gameweek 22: Arsenal 1 – 1 Crystal Palace

Referee: Paul Tierney

Having initially given Aubameyang a yellow card, a VAR check gets the Arsenal captain sent off for this. Considering the horror injuries we have had through the years, as Arsenal fans I think we should support tackles like these getting a red. But I can’t help but feel a bit aggrieved, that no tackle since 2017 against us have been deemed to be equally excessive. Auba just got done by the croqueta, and the ankle looked gross. Higher and harder tackles have since escaped yellows.

One such incident could be what Tomkins did to Martinelli later in the game, coming in higher and harder. Yet because Martinelli jumped for his life and his ability to walk, his ankle staid unbroken. I don’t think referees should dish out reds if players avoid the worst part of the tackles like Martinelli did, but it is funny how the reaction of the opponent is what does Aubameyang and what saves Tomkins. Also, Ayew commits six fouls with no booking. The Aubameyang incident also resulted in VAR-protocol being changed, advising officials to head to the screen instead for these issues.

Gameweek 23: Arsenal 1 –1 Sheffield United.

Referee: Mike Dean.

Who else but Mike Dean? Well, Martin Atkinson in the VAR-room maybe. [This]( https://twitter.com/VipArsenal/status/1218885149020114944] foul on Pepe in the box shouldn’t even need a review. But it got one, and Atkinson somehow did not give it. 15 minutes later, Sheffield United equalized. Three clear-cut pens in two games against them. Can’t wait for the FA Cup… Two points lost, 14 in total.

Gameweek 24: Chelsea 2 – 2 Arsenal

Referee: Stuart Atwell

A Mustafi howler sends Abraham through on goal. Luiz does this. The rules state he could get off with a yellow with a genuine attempt for the ball, but I think he is too grabby for a red to be an outright mistake. At least he learned his lesson…

Chelsea also appeal for handball here. For me the arm movement is troubling, but I am having a hard time seeing how he should tuck his arms for this not to hit them.

Then there’s Chelsea’s second (/r/soccer thread). I cannot see how Abraham isn’t interfering. The defenders cannot react to where the ball is going, if they don’t know if he is touching it or not, and the keeper can’t close the angle down if he thinks it’s possible for Abraham to hit it. Another basic mistake by the officials. I’m not claiming any points lost here though. Don’t think we would have grabbed a second if Chelsea hadn’t scored. Could VAR not do anything about that? Well, let me show you what happened six days later…

BONUS FA Cup 2nd round: Bournemouth 1 – 2 Arsenal

Referee: Martin Atkinson

At 25.30 Nketiah makes it 2-0. At 28.00 VAR gives the goal. In between is two and a half minutes of drawing lines on Martinelli’s knee to see if he was offside as he made an attempt for the ball. Mike Dean in the VAR room, by the way.

Gameweek 25: Burnley 0 – 0 Arsenal

Referee: Chris Kavanagh

Lacazette is one on one with the keeper, but stops when the linesman raises his flag for this. This is a petty one, but strictly against protocol. I’m claiming two points for this one (16 total). Maybe that’s a mistake, but I feel like I deserve that for our next 60 minutes of passing it sideways. At least they can learn from this mistake and do better next week…

16 in total.

Gameweek 26: Arsenal 4 – 0 Newcastle

Referee: Lee Mason. … They didn’t do better next week. Mason called this off before the ball hit the back of the net.

Gameweek 27: Arsenal 3-2 Everton

Referee: Stuart Atwell.

Calvert-Lewin scores an acrobatic 1-0 goal in the first minute. He kicks Luiz in the face in the process. I like bicycle kicks and don’t mind letting it stand, but by the letter of the law that was dangerous play.

**BONUS FA Cup 3rd round: Portsmouth 0 – 2 Arsenal **

Referee: Mike Dean

Remember the scissor tackle on Pepe by Cresswell that Dean only gave as a throw in. Well it happened again. This time on Torreira, whose season had ended with a fractured ankle if not for corona. /r/soccer thread.

Gameweek 28: Arsenal 1 – 0 West Ham

Referee: Martin Atkinson

Lacazette gets dragged 15 yards by the neck for an obvious penalty, and a two-second VAR check that didn’t look at the worst part of the foul says no penalty.

All the time they saved not checking for the penalty, is spent trying to disallow the winner. Lacazette is teed up for the goal by Özil, who is then flagged offside. Replays show the German as onside, yet two minutes of frantic drawing and redrawing the line ensues, before a last desperate Hail Mary check on Lacazette. I genuinely don’t know what to make of this.

BONUS Europa League Arsenal 1 – 2 Olympiakos

Referee: Davide Massa

Nicolas Pepe is one on one with the keeper as he is hacked down on the edge of the box. I don’t know how you cannot call this a red card. Let us not talk more about that night.

Gameweek 29: Manchester City 3 – 0 Arsenal

Referee: Anthony Taylor

After a mistake for the first goal, Luiz does this and it is a penalty and a red card. I think a red card in that position is harsh and then some. Especially considering our European exit one game earlier, but it was probably an advantage for us to get him off. City took the foot off the throttle and lets never talk about that game again.

Gameweek 30: Brighton 2 – 1 Arsenal

Referee: Martin Atkinson

Having allowed numerous fouls with no chance for the ball on Pepe and Kolasinac and an elbow to the face on Saka, there’s no surprises as Atkinson’s incompetence comes with a price. Maupay cunts his way into Leno who suffers a gut-wrenching knee-injury and the Brighton striker is clearly remorseful. Bissouma is the 4th player this season to commit 6 fouls in the league without getting a booking, the second against Arsenal. Should have already had the first yellow card early for a rough foul on Guendouzi. Kolasinac is robbed of a blatant pen, as Atkinson invites a Brighton free kick instead.

Three points. 19 in total. So far…

Gameweek 31: Southampton ? – ? Arsenal

Referee: Graham Scott

Tonight, let us see what Graham Scott can do with Lee Mason in the VAR room.

Just a final reminder. Ignore all my needless moaning and my whining. Ignore the point tallies. Just look at the clips and the pictures and ask yourself this: Does it make sense that we have gotten two penalties this season? (With six against) Does it make sense a direct red hasn’t been issued for a tackle against us since 2017? Are the VAR checks conducted equally no matter which team? Are the offside mistakes just what happens? If you answer yes to all these above, then I’ll concede I am a biased whining prick, who should be attending to my girlfriend as she battles corona 10 yards away from me. If it does not make sense – how are we ever going to see this change?

Personally I lost my patience and trust after the Crystal Palace-disaster, and there’s not been anything yet to win it back.

Compact version

Penalties given

Penalties not given



Opponent red cards given


Opponent red cards not given

Almiron (Second yellow)



https://twitter.com/salibaszn/status/1211588926084911105 (Second yellow)

View post on imgur.com


Various offside fuckery


https://streamable.com/dgb9c + https://www.reddit.com/r/Gunners/comments/euucy8/this_is_the_extent_to_which_var_went_in_trying_to/



Doesn’t include a bunch of stuff. Like the soft pens given against us, and petty stuff like encroachment, dangerous play etc.

Here are all United’s penalties this season compiled.

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