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“The player is said to have a release clause of £60 million and only cash will be accepted”. Arsenal: : Gunners

Signings like Luiz and Cedric aren’t amazing but they aren’t terrible eitherand not a costly mistake.

Ooh, looks like Raul has a shadow account on Reddit!

Look at what you’re arguing here. £5m to loan a player whose contract was up in six months anyway, only for him to make zero appearances before we then, inexplicably, signed him on a permanent basis. Re-upping a player who set the single-season record for penalties conceded, because…er… people like him and he sometimes doesn’t have bad games?

Sorry, but these are the very definition of costly mistakes — particularly at a time when the club’s limited cash needs to be invested smartly. We don’t need huge name signings, but we do need signings who aren’t going to be liabilities to us moving forward.

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