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According to Icelandic pundit Rúnar Alex Rúnarsson has agreed on personal terms but no agreement between the clubs as of now

According to Hjörvar Hafliðason, Icelandic pundit and host of the football podcast Dr. Football, Rúnar Alex Rúnarsson has agreed on personal terms with the club. Arsenal and Dijon haven’t agreed on the transfer fee but it is expected to be around 5-10% of Martinez’s transfer fee.

Hjörvar is T1 for Icelandic players and has good sources around them and doesn’t report on stuff unless he has genuine info.

News article in Icelandic

News article translation National team goalkeeper, Rúnar Alex Rúnarsson, who plays for Dijon in League 1, is most likely going to sign for the big club Arsenal who play in the Premier League

According to 433.is sources, the transfer is in advanced stages and we can expect Rúnar Alex Rúnarsson to sign for Arsenal in the next few days. Hjörvar Hafliðason confirmed and said the same thing on his podcast Dr. Football.

“It’s best to give the players (players is a reference to the fans of his podcast) an exclusive. Tonight I got the info that Rúnar Alex has agreed personal terms with Arsenal. He hasn’t finished medical tests. The transfer fee according to my source is 5-10% of the transfer fee Aston Villa will pay for Emi Martinez,” Hjörvar wrote to a Facebook group for fans of the podcast yesterday.

In 2014 Rúnar went to the Danish team Njordsjælland from KR only 18 years old. In 2018 Rúnar left the Danish team og went to France to join Dijon.

The reason for Arsenal pursuing Rúnar is because he was coached by Inaki Cana in Danmark, Inaki Cana is a goalkeeping coach for Arsenal today. “Looks like Cana knows him very well and he has recommended him to Arsenal manager, Mikel Arteta,”

It’s clear that this would be one of the biggest transfer that an Icelandic player has done but Arsenal sold Emiliano Martinez yesterday to Aston Villa yesterday og Rúnar Alex will therefore be second choice in goal for Arsenal after Bernd Leno. English newspapers say that Arsenal will pay Dijon about 250 million ISK (about 1,5 million euros)

Link to the podcast when they talk about the information, 48:25-49:00

Podcast translation

“Let’s talk about Rúnar Alex before we talk about the game, I sent a message to a source abroad hoping for some information. He didn’t answer me until 11pm yesterday. He said that it’s going to happen, it’s ready. The player has agreed on personal terms but the clubs are trying to agree on the transfer fee. I asked him what the transfer fee will be and he said probably 5-10% of what Martinez will cost Aston Villa. Which will be roughly 1-1.5 million euros.”

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