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He wants Italy return : Gunners

Agent Pablo Bentancur told TMW: “Lucas had been in a bit of a bad mood over some technical differences, then he recovered. And then injury arrived, fortunately less serious than expected.

“Today he is completely recovered, I believe he will be a market man.

“I will have to speak to Arsenal. The player would love to return to Italy, but it must be acknowledged that Arsenal treated him very well and behaved great.”


I don’t really care if he leaves, if we get a new DM in as I don’t think he is good enough for us. But we need a new DM with him still here, so if he leaves, we would need 2. Considering the climate right now in football there is no way we get 2. No matter for what we sell him, we would no doubt cheap out and not buy what we need. What do we feel about this?

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