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#AFC are looking to strengthen in central defense, central midfield (holding midfielder or B2B) and a wide player is of Arteta’s liking (Willian could be an option). Some at the club are already fed up with Guendouzi and want him sold . : Gunners

If the almost 32 years old Willian is the case, we’d have to ask serious questions about Rauls integrity and Kia’s involvement at the club.

I understand that some fans might not be happy already but:

a) Luiz was a panic buy after Koscielny’s departure, and

b) Cedric as the only back-up for a shaky Bellerin (remember that at the time AMN was dropped from the squad). No one could have predicted football stopping for three months back in January.

This would be completely different. I don’t have much faith in the recruitment team over the summer but at least we know that they’re looking at the right areas. At the same time we shouldn’t panic like last year after the report that we’d only have £40m to spend.

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