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Andrew said on the latest Arsecast Extra that he has heard from a very good source that Aouar is almost all but done : Gunners

Yeah – Andrew generally is very well connected – off the top of my head he is known to have had connections with Fabregas quite directly, and also Bellerin. Also he gets fed a fair bit of information regarding what’s happening in the club. He’s received more than one offer to work for the Athletic, and very very rarely says something of his own accord – he only does it if it is genuine information.

The guy who does the Arsecast generally with him is James, who works for the Athletic.

So a lot of reliability there.

To be specific, he said ‘I heard from a very good source this week that it is all but done’ at 43.30 in the episode. He admitted until its gone through there’s always potential snags and hitches, particularly when dealing with Lyon, but he seems to be relatively calm about it.

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