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[Discussion] Arseblog Interview – Cesc Fabregas

Hello r/Gunners,

I hope all of you, your friends, your dogs, your other less superior pets, and families are holding up.

In light of the Cesc Fabregas interview on Arseblog, I was hoping to see some decent discussion about the things that were spoken about. As quotes trickle down through r/soccer, there are a bunch of people stringing together judgements out of thin air, and therefore out of context because the majority haven’t actually listened to it. Below are some of the key points I found the most interesting and people may find useful as points of reference for discussion:

  • The influence of big AW on transfers. Do you think Managers can learn from his ability to lure young talent? Is this something Arteta could learn from?

  • AW not having as much power as reported. Cesc mentions that AW didn’t have the power to pull the strings like reported. Supposedly the board (Ivan ‘the egg cunt’ Gazidis) were the reason for our poor business deals. Not exactly mentioned but strongly hinted. This being the reason players like Xabi Alonso didn’t join.

  • The return of Cesc to London. Do you think the club was right to ghost him when he offered to return? Even when David Dein’s son was his agent, he still didn’t get a response for the 1 week notice he gave Arsenal which I thought was unfair especially when there was space in the team.

I won’t go into everything but if you haven’t listened then it’s currently on Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts from. Search for ‘Arsecast’ and the title of the episode, the latest one, is ‘Cesc Fabregas’. (Shocking title I know) Link Here.

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