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Aouar currently looks the more likely, with Lyon needing to sell and the 22-year-old thought to be keen. Roma expressed interest in signing Alexandre Lacazette but the amount the Italians indicated they were prepared to pay fell comfortably below what Arsenal would expect. : Gunners

Yep, a lot of signals are pointing in Aouar’s direction as a priority. Good to know and confirmed by Ornie. In fairness too much smoke around for him not to chime in.

Atleti are strangely holding out on Partey, they looked great today without him, and generally do. But I guess they also want to keep him so they have no urgency to sell him. Looks like they’re taking a punt and expecting next summer to be a better time to sell.

With regards to Laca, we have to either extend him or sell him within 12 months, otherwise we’d look back at Roma’s offer (whatever it is) and think why didn’t we take that. He has ~18-20 months left on his contract I think, can technically sign with anyone else in January 2022.

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