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Arsenal Football Club: The Long Road Back To The Top

I started reading the article and stopped following the part where it started discussing Liverpool’s ROI. I didn’t stop reading because I thought the content was bad, I stopped reading because I think the article began to move away from what our obvious issues are.

Our issue isn’t recruitment, necessarily it is increasing the marketability of our stock. We are a terrible selling club and as good as an example Liverpool are to follow they got a little lucky in the market. To make such large amounts of money from Coutinho extraordinarily accelerated their process. They also sold very well on fringe players, Ibe, Solanke, Ings, etc…

I am discounting City, Chelsea and Utd from this conversation because the operate in an entirely different financial league through, financial doping, monopoly of youth market and huge revenues respectively. They don’t care about ROI, they just care about being relevant in terms of competing. Of the ‘top 6’ clubs we are in the same boat as the Shit where we have held onto our assets too long meaning we have lost re-sale value or the leave for nothing. But we know this already.

We are feeling the burden of not signing Sanchez, Ozil, Ramsey and many before up to new contracts early enough. These prize assets all effectively left the club (or will be leaving) for nothing. The fans would of hated to see it but had we acted a year or two earlier on the contract front we would have known the situation. Then we could of made the assessment and sold the players to recoup some cash.

TL;DR: The main issue is that we have not managed the value of our stock very well, through slow contract negotiations starting too late. We need to improve at selling, but in order to do that we need something worth buying.

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