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Arsenal have produced just 24 shots so far this season, only West Brom have attempted fewer (22). : Gunners

With the players we have 343 is needed. Our midfield, with the slow Xhaka at the heart of it, is not good enough to drop numbers. We need the numbers there to defend any counter attacks as the players are not good enough with less numbers to defend. Leno is poor at organising the defence so 3 atb helps give protection.

I’ve kept quiet about it as I know the response I will get, but I dont see Arteta as being as amazing as you would think from what people say on here. He’s doing a good job with the players available, but there are certain things that worry me a lot about him. HIs management of players he wanted to offload but is now looking unlikely being one. Looks like we will have Ozil, Guen, Torreira, etc still around this season and if they go will we have time to get the players in he wants? If they stay I cant see them being happy and erforming well.

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