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Arsenal midfield lacks any creativity : Gunners

Look at how abject our fucking midfield is lol, yes i know xhaka’s redemption arc is all but complete, yes he’s a good person who is obviously willing to work hard to earn back his place, ceba seems to love playing here and has been decent recently but neither of them are going to miraculously turn into the 2nd coming of a zidane-modric hybrid, even if they had a vieira-partey hybrid next to them. There is just no balance in that midfield and in the defence behind them, arteta is forced to play a back 3 because our CB options are individually shit so he needs to cover up for luiz’s and mustafi’s weaknesses in a pair, as a result, our midfield is weakened. We need our wingbacks to carry so much of the creative load of the midfield that the moment a team does to us what we did to city, low block, 2 banks of 4 in their box, they almost immediately nullify any threat we might have because auba and laca aren’t good in the air.

This fucking team needs so much of reinvestment that the moment auba and laca don’t turn up, nothing happens, absolutely nothing happens and then it’s just a matter of time until we do something stupid defensively, usually via a set piece. We’re so easy to figure out and play against BECAUSE we have too many one dimensional players, even though they might be nice lads.

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