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Arsenal offering Guendouzi in swap deals for players they would like. Questionmarks regarding Auba. Player happy in London but also wants to win trophies (Inter and Barca interested) : Gunners

…he clearly has some attitude and immaturity problems which he obv doesn’t wish to fix and obey to the coach and the team…

This is just a colossal supposition.

It’s clear that Guendouzi is immature, in part because he’s simply young; it’s also clear that he has had some attitude issues, because they’ve been credibly reported.

But to say that he ‘obviously doesn’t wish to fix them’ is ludicrous. There’s no way you can know that, and nobody has reported on it.

In fact, for every Tier 3-ish French source saying there’s a rift between the club and Guendouzi, there are two sources of the same tier saying it’s bullshit.

Selling Guendouzi now would be like Inter selling Coutinho in 2013– except Inter had had Coutinho for five years before they sold him, and loaned him out repeatedly. We’ve had Guendouzi for less than two years.

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