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Arsenal Pass Map Against Liverpool : Gunners

only two arrows. and only one going to him (sideways from Bellerin). Shows he wasn’t an option in build up yet he was getting credit for being more of an option than Xhaka (not that he was much better at this).

The first arrow being to Holding so mostly backwards, recycled passing.

Heaviest arrow to Bellerin. And Bellerin’s is the same — right back to Elneny. I remember in the 1st Half that Bellerin played it in a deep buildup phase to Elneny to get us out and Elneny just passed it right back with Mane closing Bellerin down. So Bellerin had to go on that run where he dribbled past LIV players from the wide right , to around his own box, to the center, and then release it to Tierney to open space. Just because Elneny wouldn’t turn and take on the responsibility to create space by pass as a midfielder.

Scott Willis, the By the Numbers guy , tweeted that our midfield had 0 progressive passes and 0 final third entries in the 1st Half. Although Xhaka’s pass that played a big part in the goal deserves credit.

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