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Arteta, “We have to learn. When you play against this opposition, when you have them, you have to kill them off. That’s the fourth time that we’ve had to play with 10 men. It’s not possible for that long against this opposition. And I didn’t like the goal we conceded.” : Gunners

Might be unpopular but we deserved to concede, although we should have sealed the game before then. Not to scapegoat them because they’ve become better in recent months, but i’m still very skeptical of Xhaka and Mustafi. That moment in the second half where Xhaka loses the ball followed by Mustafi getting spun by Vardy is a worry. Xhaka has given the ball away quite a few times in recent games but it has gone unpunished. Mustafi is good in the air but almost tries to battle everything and misses the ball completely. It works sometimes(2nd goal vs Wolves) but at the same time can backfire(1st minute of the game vs Wolves). Also very worried about Bellerin’s ability in the air, he seems to lose a lot of 50/50’s. Another error today was by Luiz where Vardy put it into the side netting. Caught ball watching and let Vardy run through.

Not a sight at the players because they are doing their best, but a lot of things go unnoticed when you’re playing well. And those small errors will become noticeable when they lead to us conceding goals and dropping points.

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