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can someone explain the immense hatred towards Van Persie, compared to Cesc, Clichy & Sagna? : Gunners

I’ve never understood why Van Persie was hated so much for wanting to leave and win trophies elsewhere.

  1. He wrote an honest letter outlining his disillusionment with the board as the reason why he wouldn’t renew his contract. Which was far more polite than what you hear by some of our own fans – see Arsenal Fan TV.

  2. Arsene Wenger confirmed that Manchester United were the only team that placed an acceptable offer. So if he wanted to leave to win titles, he had no other choice than Manchester United.

  3. He refused to celebrate his first two goals out of respect (unlike Adebayor – yikes!). Welbeck celebrated his first ever goal against United, but their fans don’t hate him.

  4. Some people mention the “little boy” quote, but I see that as a harmless way of warming to the United fanbase. He didn’t say anything derogatory about Arsenal. I know Ian Wright got upset with Koscielny for his infamous shirt reveal last summer, but again I don’t see that as anything more than a way for a player to establish their commitment to their new fanbase.

Van Persie will always be my favourite player of the Emirates era, and it hurts to see that we tend to hate on our star players more than our lesser players (Giroud, Chamberlain, Clichy).

Is the hatred more of an emotional reason since he was adored, or was there more to it?

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