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Countinho had a brilliant game today. Would love to see him at Arsenal. : Gunners

No shit people forget that was easily Liverpool’s best player for like 2-3 seasons.

No, he wasn’t. He was their best player for one season max. You are plain wrong to call him their ‘best player for 2-3 seasons easily’. I mean, there was Suarez and then Salah, Firmino.

It’s about Arteta wanting him and us affording him

His main criticisms are his dodgy work rate, his age profile and the fact that most of his G/A are from highly one sided games (which is obviously not his fault that he plays for such a dominant team). He isn’t preferred over any of Bayern’s players and a player not starting games is always questioned. (again not arguing that he still might be better than anything we have).

I’m all in for a one year loan deal which no doubt would be expensive but paying ridiculous transfer fee and signing him permanently would be a bad decision imo, not unlike what Barca has been making. Barca as a team was slow and just couldn’t match Bayern’s intensity and Coutinho in Barca’s team wouldn’t have changed that.

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