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Edu wants the club to move to a more data and analytics-driven approach which has proved so successful for the likes of Liverpool and Man City, and away from the old fashioned system of having scouts specialising in different locations around the world. : Gunners

So once again, everyone jumped to completely the wrong conclusion.

First, we thought this was all Sanllehí’s idea, then, as it turns out, it’s actually Edu’s plan, then we thought it was all because we wanted to stay on an entirely contacts-driven approach, which then turned out to be a load of shit as well, as it turns out that we actually want to move into a more data and analytics approach?

I do feel that the club should have been more communicative about what’s happening, but I feel like this constant barrage of leaks and stories is benefitting the club far more than we think.

Every bit of bad news is downgraded a few days after or is buried by news of new signings or players signing new deals and we’re creating a distrust in the media, which allows us to be able to move more freely and not worry about being caught moving for big players.

I think this “PR nightmare” is more by design than incompetence.

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