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Emery New Interview – Ozil’s Attitude and Commitment Not Good Enough : Gunners

Read about the interview in Arseblog, surprised haven’t seen it here. It appears to have been quite a terrible relationship between Emery and the Board. And clearly between Emery and Ozil. What are your thoughts on the interview.


I’ve summarised some of the key takeaways:

  1. Wanted Zaha badly. Not Pepe. Board signed Pepe because they overruled him.

  2. Zaha won games on his own (his words, not mine)

  3. Did not have 100% commitment from every player after Ramsey got injured (odd thing to say)

  4. Chelsea were better in Baku because players had inconsistent menality

  5. Didn’t know Ramsey well enough to ask him to stay with Arsenal.

  6. On Captaincy – 50% me, 50% squad. Squad wanted Xhaka.

  7. On Ozil : He has to be self‑critical too, analyse his attitude and commitment. I tried with all my might to help Özil. Throughout my career, talented players have reached their best level with me.

  8. On Ozil’s captaincy: He could have been a captain but the dressing room didn’t want him to be. That’s not what I decided; that’s what the players decided. Captains are ones who have to keep defending the club, the coach, teammates.

  9. On Good Ebening: You lack the linguistic depth to explain. And take ‘good ebening’: OK, it’s ‘good evening’, but when I said ‘good ebening’ and won it was fun; when we were losing it was a disgrace

  10. On position after Wenger: Board say ‘We’re with you’ but in front of fans and the dressing room they couldn’t protect me. Truth is, I felt alone. And the results dictated I had to go.

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