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Explaining Martinelli’s left knee cartilage injury, the return timeline, & career impact : Gunners

Hey everyone – in this roughly 4 minute video, I detailed Gabriel’s left knee cartilage lesion, arthroscopic surgery possibilities, return timeline, and impact on his playing career.

Here’s a table of contents, header (sub headers):

– 0:00 Intro

– 0:31 The injury (quick anatomy review, cartilage lesion, mechanism of injury)

– 1:17 Return to play (RTP) timeline (injury & surgery dependent, arthroscopic procedure, meniscal arthroscopic procedures and RTP, articular cartilage arthoscopy & RTP, an educated guess)

– 3:10 Career impact (prognosis & long-term risks, lateral meniscectomy = higher risk, the importance of elite fitness)

– 3:54 Outro

For those at work or the hard of hearing, I’ve transcribed subtitles on YouTube so sound isn’t required.

For reference, I’m a DPT and youth football (soccer) coach well-versed in sports science and biomechanics, with osports rehab & performance online consultations and clinics in West LA and Valencia, CA. Feel free to hit me with questions and/or you can always find me on IG and twitter @ 3cbperformance.

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