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Statistics backing up Arsenal’s unfair refereeing decisions : Gunners

This completely ignores the biggest single factor that unfair reffing has on our games (in my opinion). More than fouls given, yellow cards, ypg and fpy.

I am of course talking about using tactical decisions to give possession and territory against us. This article touches on us seeing week in week out that we have fouls given against us and identical fouls not given for us. When you look at when these decisions are given it provides the bigger picture.

If you pay attention you will see the fouls we dont get given are when we are attacking, at least in their half but usually the final third attacking them. They can foul us to win the ball back and get away with it stopping our attack in the process. When its the other end and we are defending we see the same things being blown up as fouls without hesitation, giving them a free kick in a dangerous position.

One stat that backs this up is goals we’ve conceded to set pieces of which we are I think the worst in the league, certainly up there somewhere.

It is also quite apparent that we are given some soft decisions. Just look at where they are though. We tend to get them at the back where it does the least damage to the opposition. If we are to get a true representation of the decisions in our games we need a heat map of where fouls for us are given and where fouls against us are given. It also needs to take account of tackles attempted. I bet we are miles ahead of the table for fouls per tackle, if there is one.

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