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How we would rank on home games only, highlights how poor we our away : Gunners

Biggest difference between home and away is mentality shift and that the home team usually doesn’t have to fight as much for the right to play their football. The away team is usually more respective in the way they approach the game.

Away, you have to fight harder because now the opposition is comfortable playing at their ground and you got to adapt and earn the right to play your way.

This is what I mentioned earlier today and what I think we don’t really do. We don’t fight out there we just pass the ball around and now more than ever it is without purpose. Sideways, backways and very safe passes in general.

Even in the few runs Auba made in the City game and yesterday, he only got played through once yesterday and that was the saka through-ball which turned out to be ruled offside. So all this talk about Guendouzi, Tierney, Ceballos etc, in the end when a runner is making himself available they don’t make the attempt.

This is a big issue. Guendouzi was making attempts under Emery. Now not so much but again could be because he now is playing in that Xhaka role.

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