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I cant wait to see the lads playing again and hoping for that massive W against city! Which player are you most excited to see playing again? : Gunners

I’ll be honest. After the absolute horror show that our club had become under Unai and Freddie, Arteta’s football has really been a breath of fresh air. I just enjoy watching Arsenal now.

I know it hasn’t been revolutionary in terms of results, but I enjoy watching us pass the ball out the back confidently. I enjoy watching the promising young talent we have. And I just feel good about the hard work that everybody is putting in.

We have a good bunch of passers in our side. Luiz, Ozil, Ceballos, Mustafi can ping a pass. Pepe and Auba are great finishers (Hope Laca can get back to form). Xhaka can ping long passes really well. Saka and Hector look really good technical players. Martinelli is stupidly good. So to answer your question, I’m excited to watch all of them again.

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