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I made an infographic with all our loanees performances this weekend! Feedback more than welcome, more info in the comments. : Gunners

Hi everyone, I had fun tracking and following the loanees this weekend so I made an infographic on it. I’m not a designer by any means, as I’m sure most of you can tell from this. I do want to keep doing it and make it more eye-friendly and neat so looking for any and all feedback. I tried to keep all the colours Arsenal. I think there’s too much information and its a bit cluttered. I used Canva as I don’t have access to nor knowledge of InDesign but I’d prefer to use that. I am going back to Uni to study Software Development and I have taken a keen interest in Web Development and Design so I’d like to use this to improve my design skills. Please be gentle but please provide feedback on how I can make this look nicer.

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