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I spoke to Icelandic Pundit @hjorvarhaflida about Arsenal target Rúnar Alex Rúnarsson earlier today. : Gunners

Like seeing that he’s at least good at laying out of the back. As he will likely be a cup GK (with Leno probably taking over if we make it far in a cup), it’s not like he should be facing the most clinical of shooters and Arsenal, even with our B team, should be solidly more talented than the teams we’ll face in the early rounds of the FA, Europa, and Carbao cups, so a weaker shot stopping keeper is hopefully covered for by a relatively superior defense and goal scoring threat.

But his apparent on-ball ability means that Arteta will still be able to play the style of football that he wants, that is, out from the back, and won’t have to compromise from that tactic because he has an inept keeper. This is quite crucial, as it ensures that our non-PL starters are still playing in the same style, which is a good testing grounds for the kids to see how they fit the system, while ensuring that any subs or spot starts due to injury are able to slot right in

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